GHJ-V Series High-efficient Mixer

                        Item No.: LPMIE164
                        This V shape chemical?epoxy resin mixing machine??is one common mixing machine, suitable for the mixing of dry granule materials for pharmacy or other relative industries.
                        Product parameters
                        Model: GHJ-V-100
                        Capacity: Around 100KGS per batch
                        Power: 1.1kw
                        Weight: 250kg
                        Dimension: 1850×650×1500mm

                        This Powder Cone Mixer Machine is applicable to mix dry powder and granule material for pharmacy and other relative industries.


                        1. Characteristics The machine has the features of the special construction, high effect, no dead angle, uniform mixture. The machine can also increase to blend the function compulsorily. It can mix thin powder and more than two form powders including the materials that contain water. It can get the good result of admixture (meaning that little admixture additives).

                        2. Machine body is made of high quality stainless steel.

                        Main technical paremeter:


                        Model GHJ-V-100                         
                        Volume of mixing barrel(L) 100
                        Max charge volume(L) 60
                        Mixing time(min) 4~8
                        Rotary speed(rpm) 15
                        Motor power(kW) 1.1
                        Weight of whole machine(kg) 250
                        Overall dimension(dynamic)(LxWxH)(mm) 1850x650x1500