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Stand Up Pouch Packing Machine For Sanitizers Packing To Prevent Coronavirus Transmission

Stand up pouch packing machine has wide range of packaging, by selecting different survey meter, can be applied to the liquid particle powder paste irregular shape product.
Product parameters
Model: LPA8-200
Capacity: 25-45 bags/min
Power: 220V/50HZ
Weight: 1000kg
Dimension: 1540*1240*1465(mm)
Product Description 

It has wide range of packaging, by selecting different survey meter, can be applied to the liquid particle powder paste irregular shape product.

1. High quality and performance, the frame is made of 150mm thickness 304# stainless steel.
2. Good stable and also good machine exterior,own extensive range in filling productions.
3. Easy operate by touch-sensitive screen (Weinview, Taiwan), PLC  (OMRON, Japan) and electric control system.
4. Friendly man-machine interface.
5. Speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion within the range.
6. Perfect sealing system,Good safety secure and so on.
7. No bag – no filling- no sealing, machine alarm Bag opening miss- no filling-no sealing, machine alarm.

8. Machine stop or alarm when the air pressure is abnormal.
9. Error position display at the control panel.Control panel locate on the right side top of the machine.
10.Outside of the machine and all the parts which touch production all made by stainless steel.
11. It has several safety doors made by aluminum Profile Frame.The doors are equipped with safety proximity sensors.  12. Machine surface can be washed by water and brushed by cloth.

Main Technical Parameters


Type LPA8-200
Type Of Bag Stand up pouch
Bag Size W:100-210mm L:150-350mm
Speed 10-60bag/min
Weight 1200KGS
Power Supply 380V 3phase  50HZ
Power 3KW
Air Consumption 0.6m3/min