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Vertical Paper Banding Machine

Suitable for banding of paper, pharmaceutical, food, printing paper, box, and financial bank bills etc.
Product parameters
Model: WK02-30B
Capacity: W470*H200mm
Power: 80W
Weight: 70KG
Dimension: 714*380*1116mm



This is vertical type automatic paper banding machine, suitable for paper, pharmaceutical, food, printing paper, box, and financial bank bills etc.
It use longer band than the table top machine. Standard band length 500m, and max. at 1000m.




1.      The banding machine controlled by microelectronic circuit, reliable performance.

2.      Photoelectric switch control operation, easy to use.

3.      With manual and automatic working method, convenient to change.

4.      The force of banding and band size adjustable, meet different needs.

5.      Has multiple banding forms: single channel, double channel, cross, etc.



Model WK02-30B
Suitable banding material Paper and OPP
Banding material size Width 30mm
Banding material roll size Inner dia. 40mm,  L:1000m
Band roll overall size Dia.280mm
Band roll packing size 14 rolls /CTN
Carton size: 300*300*420mm
Arch size 470x200mm
Package size W:30-470mm, H:10-200mm
Max. packing size 470x200mm(WXH)
Min. packing size 30x10mm(WXH)
Power supply 220V 50HZ 1P
Banding speed About 20times/min.
Single line banding time 3sec.
Band sealing method Heating
Tight force 5-40N (adjustable)
Machine dimension L714×W380×H1116mm
Packing size 900x500x1300mm
Net Weight/Gross Weight 70/100kg